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Visually Stunning RPG Adventure

Piratera is created with a heroic idea of “Pirate Era”, and structured as Open World Adventure and Idle Battle game when Pirates ruled the world


NFTs will be traded on our in-house marketplace


Treasures to discover across the ocean


Way to build your own crew

Brave conquerors are wholly ready for ocean expeditions.
What name will shake the sea?




Helti is a cool charming captain, braving the seas to save the world and help people, but most importantly to adventure with his crewmates. His lifetime goal is to defeat the greatest sea monster - Kraken.




Mychik was born in a proud pirate lineage family that is now at the pinnacle under her reign. All of her siblings have sailed out to the sea with a burning desire to find the Greatest Treasure and bring fame to the family.




Sojeph hates dirt on his hands and his scalpel. His amazing technique can rescue hundreds of people but always remember take a shower first!




Beel, a little mage with immense power of darkness, is the daughter of the best magician in a remote village, located on the pirate-wrecked shore of Racoon Island.




Tons is a notorious cold-blooded assassin. No one knows which part of this vast ocean this monster-in-human-skin comes from.

Coming soon

50+ characters


Piratera Token (PIRA) is a BEP-20 governance token for the Piratera World. PIRA holders can exchange from PIRA to in-game currency, trading on marketplace, stake to claim rewards and participate in key governance votes.

Player can also earn PIRA by participate the game and
do game's quests.

How to play to earn?

Battle & ranking

To earn with Piratera, you must have at least one Sailor. Participate in battles. In addition, top players earn extra reward every week

Quest & events

Complete daily quest and monthly events to recieve BERI.

Own and sell NFTs

Players can buy, upgrade their characters , equipment with BERI; own ships and islands and sell them on the marketplace to get PIRA.

Crypto Token

Dive into the Pirate Era with Piratera’s exclusive crypto token, your key to unlocking unparalleled in-game experiences and seamless transactions. Trade and acquire these tokens on leading crypto exchanges to fuel your adventures and dominate the high seas. Embrace the future of gaming with the power of blockchain technology.